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tv   Presidents Weekly Radio Address  CSPAN  October 31, 2009 6:15pm-6:30pm EDT

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what it would be like for that young child. but i can promise him and his family that son or daughter will have 105 uncles for the rest of its life. and we will do what it takes to not get through this but to grow from it. >> a grieving friend and team mate of jasper howard described as a great man, great young football player as well, father to be as he was talking about
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the child jasper howard will never know there. we've been talking about an arrest in this case. someone who allegedly was going online and threatening people who might come forward with information. here's a post from a sports blog from christopher mutchler an 18-year-old freshman who is facing serious charges. here's what he wrote. stop the snitching and post the names of anyone you know who gave information to the cops. japer howard didn't deserve to die. anyone who snitched should face the social consequences. go back to paula bloom. paula, is this just some guy talking tough, mouthing off, trying to be your wanna-be thug? >> i'm not sure specifically who he is but i heard you say it was found the charges were unfounded as far as the threats? they were unfounded threats? >> the threats he was making the cops were saying the threats were empty threats. i don't think it matters in the sense people were intimidated. >> absolutely. a lot of times when we don't
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feel good about ourselves or feel powerless we get ourselves involved in all kinds of things to kind of exert, hey, i can do this. i'm tough. and so a lot of times if he had absolutely nothing to do with this it was a way to feel involved in something or part of something. >> let's bring back kate monahan. do we know anything more about the fight at all, kate, what jas might have been doing there? did he try and break up the fight? >> well, we don't really know too much because the arrest warrant has been sealed so the motive is still unclear. one thing that has been sort of cleared up a little bit was that in the arraignment that occurred, it was said that allegedly what happened was the two suspects left the dance after a small altercation, went back to the accused being charged with the murder of jasper howard's car and armed
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themselves with knives and then after that was when the stabbing took place. but it's still unclear exactly how jasper howard fits into this. >> okay. >> people have been saying all kinds of things about rumors of was he just breaking up a fight, was he even involved. it's unclear. >> okay. well, i know that those details are hard to come by at this point. so many -- what do you think, after this arrest, kate, do you think more students will come forward now? do you think students have been holding back because of intimidating posts like what this guy was allegedly doing? >> well, i would hope that more people would come forward. i think that in general students had a good reaction to the story on the threatening posts to the extent they thought please come forward if you have any information, thought it was ridiculous. obviously there is still evidence out there that the police know of that hasn't come forward so i think anything they can do at this point to try and
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put people at ease and help get these people to say what they saw, i mean, that would be the best thing to happen in this case because we really want to know why this happened. that's the big question on everyone's mind across the campus. >> it has been since day one. we have about 30 seconds, paula. how long is it going to take to undo this antisnitching feel among kids who might witness a crime? >> that's such a good question. i don't really know. i think this experience of somebody, there being consequences for posting something like this, and that even if you put it online it's still going to count. a lot of times i think with the social media people have this assumption that it's sort of anonymous and just kind of goes out into cyber space. but this is very real. this is like speech like any other. i think this is a really good first step to showing people this okay. guys, thanks again. we appreciate it. coming up a texas woman wants her ex-husband thrown in jail for showing porn to their girls.
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